Sahara Signature Massage | 50 Mins
Unforgettable! Four hands are better than two! Combining joint pressure and movement of two synchronized therapists, you will experience the unique blend of several massage styles for this overall body relaxation.

Balinese Massage |50 Mins/80 Mins
Used for centuries, this full body relaxation massage combines many techniques to relieve tension and improve blood flow.

Sweet Lavender Dreams Massage | 50 mins
Immerse yourself in relaxation in this ultimate massage experience.  The finest organic lavender, kissed with delicate vanilla, is infused into our signature body oil and lotion. The combination of artful massage and relaxation inducing aromatherapy make this an elite massage experience.  

Jamu Massage | 80 mins
Invigorating your muscles and increase blood circulation through the combined techniques of acupressure, skin-rolling, long strokes and percussion movements- this is the ideal introduction to a truly remarkable Asian massage experience.

Indian Head Massage | 50 mins
The soothing and deep strokes of this Indian massage of the shoulders, neck, back and scalp will reduce tension, increase blood circulation and flush your emotional and physical toxins.

Warm Stone Massage | 50 Minutes/80 Minutes
Smooth warmed stones glide across your body in long flowing strokes. The volcanic stones hold intense heat and are placed on various energy points to encourage healing potential ~ a soothing muscle melt.

Canadian Rosehip Stone Massage | 60 Mins
Indulge! This fabulous experience begins with a dry brush exfoliation to polish skin. Combining the healing powers of organically grown Canadian Rose Hip Oil and massage stones warmed to perfection - stress melts away leaving you totally relaxed and renewed.

Juniper Cypress Body Scrub | 50 mins
Our European old-world method of exfoliating and detoxifying the skin is an unmatched experience. Together Juniper, Cypress and Apricot Kernel Essential oils cleanses, stimulates and purifies your skin. The fresh scent of Juniper Berry revives your mind, while leaving the skin hydrated and silky smooth.

Fango Body Wrap | 90 mins
Purifying! Experience the detoxification effects of imported mud formulated by layers of clay and fermented marine life. Nestled in a warm body wrap, enjoy a face, neck and scalp massage, a refreshing shower and a full body relaxation massage.

Spirulina Body Wrap | 90 mins
Ideal for slimming, this special blend activates resistant cellulite spots and promotes lymphatic drainage.  The active ingredients of Seaweed Extract and Spirulina detoxify, de-stress and re-balance leaving a radiant glow.

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