Relaxation Massages

Sahara Signature Canadian Rosehip Stone Massage | 80 Mins $130
Indulge! This fabulous experience begins with a dry brush exfoliation to polish skin. Combining the healing powers of organically grown Canadian Rose Hip Oil and massage stones warmed to perfection. Stress melts away leaving you totally relaxed and renewed. 

Balinese Massage |50 Mins $80 | 80 Mins $114
Utilized for centuries to strengthen and heal the body, this traditional massage combines gentle stretches and long strokes. Flowing and graceful, the Balinese Massage relieves tension, improves blood flow, eases stress and brings a sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

Oxygen Infusion Massage | 50 Mins $85
The ultimate massage experience! This full body relaxation massage includes the application of German Oxygen Serum which oxygenates the facial skin both directly and indirectly, with immediate and long term detoxifying and stress reducing results. Feel relaxed and look brighter!

Four Hands Massage | 50 Mins $160
Unforgettable! Four hands are better than two! Combining joint pressure and movement of two synchronized therapists, you will experience the unique blend of several massage styles for this overall body relaxation.

Indian Head Massage | 50 mins $80
The soothing and deep strokes of this Indian massage of the shoulders, neck, back and scalp will reduce tension, increase blood circulation and flush your emotional and physical toxins.

Thai Massage | 60 Mins $75 | 90 Mins $110
Thai Massage is a deep full-body treatment performed on a mat which starts at the feet and gradually progresses up to the head. It's a combination of dry massage, acupressure, assisted yoga, stretching, and energy work. Guests are to wear comfortable, stretchable clothing.

Warm Stone Massage | 60 Mins $100
Smooth warmed stones glide across your body in long, flowing strokes. The volcanic stones hold intense heat and are placed on various energy points to encourage healing potential ~ a soothing muscle melt.

Jamu Massage | 80 Mins $114
Melt away with the aroma of lemongrass! Invigorate your muscles and increase blood circulation through the combined techniques of acupressure, skin-rolling, long strokes and percussion movements. This is the ideal introduction to a truly remarkable Asian massage that promotes lymphatic drainage and mental fatigue.


Custom Enhancements
Added onto any massage.

Massage | Add $33 (excludes RMT)
Need a longer massage? 20 more minutes of bliss!

Rosehip Foot Massage | Add $35
20 minute foot and leg massage using our healing Canadian Rosehip lotion.

Essential Lift | Add $5
Make your Sahara Spa Massage even more unforgettable and indulge in the therapeautic bliss of essential oils.

Rosehip Oil | Add $10
"Liquid gold!" Canadian Rosehip Oil is massaged into the skin. Rejuevenates the body, mind, and skin.

To book your Sahara Spa experience, please call our spa coordinators at 306 692 1012.